This article describes how to open a first or further weather station.


  1. In your customer account, select "Create new station".

  2. Fill in all required fields and
  3. Select "meteobridge" as interface (also for weatherBoxx)
  4. Place the station on the map -> the coordinates will be filled in automatically

  5. Once the station has been saved and activated, new tabbed tabs will appear at the top.

  6. A station photo can be uploaded under "Photo"
  7. Under "Data" the recorded data can be edited in case of measurement errors (!)
  8. Under "Authentication" the login and password for sending the data is entered.
  9. Login and data-send-password

  10. Both specifications can be freely specified.
  11. Make a note of the data for the entry in the meteoBridge (weatherBoxx).
  12. Now open the administration panel of your meteobridge (weatherBoxx)